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Our Staff

Karla (Far left, back): Karla is a 1987 graduate from Kinman Business University with a certificate in dental assisting. She has been working as a chairside dental assistant for 40 years, the last 20 years here at Lincoln Heights Dental Center. Karla enjoys helping patients with their dental health. She also loves to garden, has twin boys that are 34 years old, and has a Schnauzer named Murphy!

Patty (Middle left, front): Patty has worked at Lincoln Heights Dental Center since her graduation from Eastern Washington University in 1982. Since the birth of her children, in 1993 and 1995, she has worked part time. "I cherish the relationships I have made with people I have come into contact with over the past 35 years."

Nancy (Middle left, back): Nancy earned her bachelor degree in Dental Hygiene from Eastern Washington University and has practiced for many years at Lincoln Heights Dental Center. She has served as the trustee and president of Eastern Washington Dental Hygiene Association and served on the Washington State Dental Hygiene Board of Examiners. She is a mother of six and grandmother of four. "I have seen many changes here at Lincoln Heights, each one with it's own set of challenges and benefits. It's always exciting to see what lies around the next corner and how we can best meet the needs of our patients here at LHDC."

Julie (Middle left, front- closest to Dr. Coyner): Julie is a 1989 graduate of Spokane Community College with a certificate in dental assisting. She joined Lincoln Heights Dental Center 17 years ago and works as a chair-side dental assistant. Julie is a very dedicated member of the LHDC team.

Debbie (Middle right, front-closest to Dr. Coyner: Debbie has worked at Lincoln Heights Dental Center on and off for 37 years. She is the cheerful voice of LHDC and enjoys building friendships with our new and established patients. She makes everyone feel like family!

Cindy (Middle right, back): Cindy started her dental career many years ago as a dental assistant. In 1988 she graduated from Eastern Washington University with a degree in dental hygiene. She has worked at LHDC since 1995. She loves all outdoor activities.

Kelly (Far right, back): Kelly started working in a dental office when she was 19 as an all-in-one dental assistant and receptionist! Many years later, she is now the Office Manager at Lincoln Heights Dental Center on South Hill. She started working at LHDC in 2010. Kelly has three children, a Pug named Silvia and volunteers at her church.





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